Roman Valances

RomanView Valances
RomanView Valances are made of wood wraped with same Fabric as shade.
Standard RomanView Valances
Use chart below to find the standard valance included for each RomanView style. RomanView - Standard Valances

RomanView Face
The face is the front side of the valance. While only the Athey and Snap-Up include a standard face, all RomanView styles are available with a customized face ranging in height from 0″ – 15″. Increasing face height can add an added level of quality to shade, and can also be used to hide hardware shadows at top which may be slightly visible through the more sheer solar fabrics.

Optional Face Height Pricing

2″-3″ Face
4″-5″ Face
6″-7″ Face
8″-9″ Face
10″-15″ Face
$6 per foot
$8 per foot
$10 per foot
$12 per foot
$22 per foot
 prices based on shade width.

Face Decoration Options
The face can be decorated and customized with welts, trims, fabric bands, and/or padding.

Optional Face Decor Pricing

Single Welt
Double Welt
$3 per foot
$4 per foot
$3 per foot
$4 per foot
$3 per foot
 prices based on shade width.

RomanView Dustboard
The dustboard is the top side of the valance. All Romanview shades are mounted standard on a 2″ or 3″ dustboard as indicated in illustrations above. Deeper or narrower dustboards are available as per your request. Narrower dustboards are not recommended and are primarily used when shade is to be installed in windows with limited mounting space.

Exact Dustboard Depth
We use the terms 2″, 3″, 4″, etc, and refer to dustboard depth by the nearest inch, in order to facilitate the ordering and consulting process. It is important to note that the actual depth of dustboards is slightly less. A 2″ dustboard is actualy 1 3/4″ deep, and 3″-15″ dustboards are actually 1/2″ less than the inch measurement they are reffered by, as illustrated by table below. Additionaly, the total depth of valance will vary depending upon whether or not dustboard has a face attached to it. The Face is 3/8″ thick and will add 3/8″ of depth to overall valance. For example, a 3″ dustboard face is exactly 2 1/2″ deep, and a valance with a 3″ dustboard and face is 2 7/8″ deep (2 1/2″ + 3/8″).

Exact Valance Depth
1 3/4″
2 1/2″
3 1/2″
4 1/2″
5 1/2″
6 1/2″
Total Depth with Face attached
2 1/8″
2 7/8″
3 7/8″
4 7/8″
5 7/8″
6 7/8″
Minimum Dustboard Requirements
The minimum dustboard required for a shade will vary depending on the control type and/or style of shade.
Standard Athey
Standard Snap-UpCord Lock
Clutch Chain Control
Dual Operation
2″ Minimum Dustboard
3″ Minimum Dustboard1″ Minimum Dustboard
3″ Minimum Dustboard
1″ Minimum Dustboard
3″-4″ Minimum  Dustboard
Recommended (Standard)
3″ Recommended Dustboard
3″ Recommended Dustboard2″ Recommended Dustboard
3″ Recommended Dustboard
2″ Recommended Dustboard
3″-4″ Recommended Dustboard

RomanView Returns
Returns are the sides of the valance. A RomanView valance will only include returns by request, or by specifying “OB” (outside mount) on the order. The returns enclose valance ends to hide control mechanism from view when shade is mounted outside window frame.

Returns added on to sides of valance will increase overall width of valance by an additional 5/8″ on each side.

Soft returns can be made by specific request. They are made from fabric only, and are useful for installations with tight mounting requirements, or where the added width created by wood covered returns may cause some installation difficulty.

Front Control Option
Front Control is an option available with cord lock, clutch, or motorized RomanView shades. Front Control operated shades have the operation hardware mounted toward the front of the valance (instead of back), and have the fabric of the shade mounted toward the back of the valance (instead of front). This option is primarily designed to put the cord or chain pull in front of the fabric so it is more easily accessed.

Front Control operated shades include a standard 4″ face in order to cover the operating mechanism, which would otherwise be exposed with this option. See Operation/Front Control Option for more details.