Roman Operation


Cord Lock Pull System

Shade operates on a cord pulley system,
with cord and pull hanging on either left or right side of shade.

Clutch Chain Control

Shade operates with a continuous chain loop, allowing easier smoother operation, especially for heavier shades. Chain loop hangs on either left or right side of shade.

Dual Operation

Shade operates on 2 seperate cord pulls. One pull lowers and raises the top of the shade, the other pull lowers and raises the bottom of the shade. Shade can be completely raised, or completely lowered, or set to hang anywhere in between. One pull hangs on each side of shade. Includes a minimum 4″ valance face to hide cords and pulleys.


Shade is powered by a motor which can be contoled by wall switch, remote control, sensor, timer, computer and/or other electronic devices.

Front Control Option

The control system of the shade will be installed in front of the shade fabric, and cord hangs in front of shade rather than behind. Front Control shades require a minimum 4″ face on headboard to hide mechanism.