Bottom-Up Operation

Bottom-Up Operation

Bottom-Up spring roller shades are mounted to the bottom of window and roll upward with cords, pulleys and cordlock. Each cord is attached to grommet holes in shade pocket, and cord(s) run up through pulleys and then in through a cord lock.

Standard Bottom-Up Spring Roller Shade includes:
RollerView Shade Fabric.
2″ bottom pocket with hem bar enclosed.
Heavy duty single-notch spring tension roller.
Mounting brackets.
Cord(s), Pulley(s), and Cord Lock.
Bell Pull.

Multiple Cords
All spring roller shades are designed to operate on a minimum of 2 cords. Shades less than 48″ wide can operate on only 2 cords, while wider shades require additional cords and pulleys for optimum operation.

Expert and precise installation is required to ensure proper operation. Pulleys and cord lock must be installed on-siteand are visible at window top if not covered by a valance.

Bottom Up - Details
Single Cord
Single center cord operation is available only upon request for shades under 38″ wide.

Cord is attached to grommet hole in center of shade pocket. Cord runs up through pulley/lock and hangs down window center. Cord can also be led through center pulley to a cord lock on either side of window.

Expert and precise installation is required to ensure proper operation. Pulley and cord lock must be installed on-site and are visible at window top if not covered by a valance.

Bottom Up - Single Cord - Details
Heavy Duty Bottom-Up Spring Rollers
Bottom Up shades operate on special single-notch spring rollers. All spring rollers are heavy duty with an internal spring mechanism. Wood rollers are used for shades 15″ – 72″ wide. Metal rollers are used for shades 72″ – 144″ wide.
Heavy Duty Spring Rollers

Shade Cloth Deductions
As with all roller shades, the overall width of the shade, from bracket to bracket, is greater than the actual fabric width of shade. The fabric width of shade is narrower than bracket to bracket size of shade so that fabric does not roll up on brackets, and to allow room for mechanism and bracket within the dimensions in which shade is to be installed. For inside mounted roller shades, there is a small gap between edge of fabric and inside window walls. For roller shades mounted outside window frame, it is important to order shade wider than window opening to compensate for deduction made to cloth width, and to ensure total window coverage. See chart to right for the exact overall deduction made to cloth width for each roller type. See RollerView/Technical/Ordering instructions for more details.

Spring Roller and Cloth Deductions Chart

Bottom-Up Spring Roller Mounting Brackets
Bottom-Up Spring roller mounting brackets are not universal, and not the same as standard spring roller brackets. Factory will provide the proper mounting brackets for each shade based on installation specification on order. Ceiling mount, Inside mount wall mount, reverse roll and regular roll spring roller shade each require unique brackets. See RollerView/Technical for more details on installation types and roll direction.

Cord Pulls
A standard Bell cord pull is attached at end of cord which is used to raise and lower shade. Cord pulls are available in a wide variety if colors. Factory will match bell pull color to shade fabric unless otherwise specified.
Bell Pull